G3A3 Master Race
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Platoon Presentation

This is a casual/ fan platoon.

Those of you who have been invited to this select group
are part of an elite group of players;

The privileged few who have been selected to join G3MR are among the most experienced BF3 players in the game.

We all have one thing in common:

We are in the top 0% for kills useing the G3A3 Main Battle Rifle.

The G3A3/M26 Mass combo is one of the most effective load-outs in BF3.
The most important part of that sentence is the “period”.


What makes the G3A3 unique among every other assault rifle is that it has a maximum damage of 34 up to 8 metres and a minimum damage of 22 up to 60 meters.

With a HB players using the G3A3 will drop you in 4 bullets at any range.This means that in the hands of a Expert Marksmen, the G3A3 will drop you faster at
mid-long range then any other weapon in the game. It has the lowest ADS spread in the game and is one of the most accurate weapons in BF3.

When paired with the M26 mass for CQC you are a one-man-army.

Official Video:


Recommended G3A3 load-out:
(For the Expert Marksmen)

G3A3, Kobra/Halo, Bipod and Heavy Barrel

Magnum/M26 mass

Recommended G3A3 Starter load-out:
(For the Novice player)

G3A3, Kobra, Bipod and Flash Suppresser


G3A3 Master Race player rankings as of 10/16/13
For PS3

#1 Rank 16 (+9)

#2 Rank 19 (+9)

(+1) #3 Rank 23 (+56)

(-1) #4 Rank 39 (+34)

#5 Rank 142 (+90)

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  • Archangel1943 joined the platoon G3A3 Master Race
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    LuminaryLude Ayy!! Where it all started for me :)
    3 years ago
    LuminaryLude I still have my PS3 and my bf3 copy, I'll be hooking it up in the coming months
    3 years ago
  • Pweffu was kicked from platoon G3A3 Master Race.
    Archangel1943 Never had a game with you, don't know you.
    6 years ago
    Stockrobbin lol sorry bout him, my bad.
    6 years ago
  • Archangel1943 wrote on the wall for G3A3 Master Race:
    Things have been sub-standard in this platoon since the release of BF4. This was to be expected, however include my lack of leadership due to BF3 competitive and RL this platoon is loosing it's cohesiveness. We can do better and we will. This platoon was created so players in the top 0% of kills with the G3A3 can come to gather, mix and mingle, discuses new strategies/attachments with the G3A3 and on occasion pub stomp some Noobs. This IS, and will continue to be our vision into BF4 and beyond.
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    Archangel1943 Clam down sir its just a game for god sakes :P
    6 years ago
    6 years ago
  • Archangel1943 joined the platoon G3A3 Master Race
    sxe_vidare Welcome ! ;)
    6 years ago
    Archangel1943 It's good to be back guys ;).
    6 years ago
  • LuminaryLude wrote on the wall for G3A3 Master Race:
    Hey my fellow platoon mates, a few of us thought it would be a great idea to squad up on BF3 using the G3A3. Its only a suggestion but lets try and meet up this weekend. It would be an exciting experience for us as a farewell to BF3, where we all had some great matches and epic moments. Again, just an idea guys I'm looking forward to hearing everybody's opinion. G3A3 FTW! See you guys on the field :)
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    Archangel1943 Alright ladies looks like we have set Sunday/tomorrow as the day to formally say goodbye to BF3 and (potentially) the G3A3. At this point me, lude, Portuguese and stockrobbin will be attending. Nordicaa has expressed interest in
    6 years ago
    Archangel1943 No sense setting an exact time because this is last minute, so lets try to aim for mid-afternoon, around 3:00PM EST. This should be a good compromise between our different timezones as im sure we all have things to do during the
    6 years ago
  • LuminaryLude wrote on the wall for G3A3 Master Race:
    I am now the top of the leaderboards for this platoon :) it was a goal I had when I joined. Thank you guys for the friendly competition. G3A3 FTW!!!
  • Archangel1943 wrote on the wall for G3A3 Master Race:
    Will be leavening the platoon temporarily, will be back ;)
    LuminaryLude Will be waiting for your return bro, sucks you had to leave though
    6 years ago
    Archangel1943 Its only temporary, be back soon after BF4. No reason we cant still play together!
    6 years ago
  • Archangel1943 wrote on the wall for G3A3 Master Race:
    Updated rankings for kills with the G3A3 are up. Its very competitive as would be expected, but 1Lude managed to surpass Nordicaa to take 3ed place, 23ed in the world for the PS3 GGs!!! Congrats to The_portuguese71 and Stockrobbin for moving even closer to the number one slot!!!
  • Stockrobbin wrote on the wall for G3A3 Master Race:
    i think its time to change the leaderboards, lude has passed nordica and soon me and we cant let that happend now can we ? :D
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    LuminaryLude For some reason I find the SCAR-H in bf4 to be difficult to control, bf3 i can actually feel the similarities with the G3
    6 years ago
    Archangel1943 I think the SCAR-H actually has less recoil. The G3A3 has more vertical recoil then the SCAR-H, but settles faster. The SCAR-H has less recoil, but takes more time to reset.
    6 years ago
  • Archangel1943 wrote on the wall for G3A3 Master Race:
    Have not played with any of the DMR's but the SCAR H is the BOSS. Possible G3A3 replacement......I think so.
    Archangel1943 Check out this video by X Factor showcasing the SCAR H in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5yhLE_3vDo&feature=c4-overview&list=UUXN76fKLJUFeMK12fAN5Gug
    6 years ago
    sxe_vidare I don't like the DMR's at all, nothing like the G3 in BF3. The SCAR is awesome and the closest thing to the G3 in BF4 beta. Put the SCAR on single fire and have fun =)
    6 years ago