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We are a Christian Gaming clan and were looking fellow Christian gamers to hop on board. Would prefer to meet genuine, honest people. this is not just about gaming. We can talk to each other about GOD, The Bible, Relationships, Life, Everything plus gaming. We play alot of different games but mainly FPS games, were we dominate.

I'm the founder of this clan. I'm 30 y-o. I like to think that im a good player, i have sound knowledge of map tactics, gun attachments, perks, cal l outs, etc.

Join us as we continue to walk this path of salvation with GOD as our guide.

To become a member of United Christian Gamers there are a couple rules you must follow:

1. Must be Christian or want to learn about GOD
2. No profanity, screaming, raging
3. Respect all members regardless of Race, Age, Gender, Culture
4. No Boosting

Being accepted into the clan is an easy 3 step process. I will not approve any clan applications until you:

1: Register on the clan website http://unitedchristiangamers.com
2: add XEKUTER_50 on PS3
3: Attend a Verbal Meeting with XEKUTER_50 on PS3

This is to eliminate time wasting with "TROLLS" who claim to be on the same page as us but do or say otherwise. Im a busy man. I dont have time for this none-sense.

To the real People who do want to be a part of this movement. Do not let this deter you from joining us. This is for you're benefit after all and a means of keeping United Christian Gamers a safe social experience.

Thanks for your understanding and i do look forward to seeing some of you on board with us.


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