The Pink Sloths
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Platoon Presentation

First Platoon is full, please join the 2nd:

Alpaca (Alpha) Squad Captain = rivaLtroyeh
Baboon (Bravo) Squad Captain = BOOMBABY-b4l74zr
Chinchilla (Charlie) Squad Captain = dDaniii
Dingo (Delta) Squad Captain = BrettFX
Emu (Echo) Squad Captain = EnCore
Mammoth (Armor) Squad Captain = nXs-Buckwi1dddd
Flying Squirrel (Air Force) Squad Captain = Dr_LdrHavoc

Fourth battle this saturday (Aug. 17) vs. Gold Stags at 7 P.M. CET / 1 P.M. EST. Maps are: Tehrah Highway, Sabalan Pipeline, and Armored Shield.

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