BF4 PS4 5vs5
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Platoon Presentation

Player have all the TOOLS SO JOIN THIS PLATOON for a good "Esport" on BF4

In this platoon only teams willing to play on 5vs5 mode on BF4 PS4.
I accept everyone who wants to join under two conditions
-You play/ want to play on 5vs5 (for BF4)
-You are member/leader of you team (i accept 1 member/team)

If you didn't know on BF3, FR communauty was playing season 2011-2013 on 5vs5, they have got tournament with cashprize and 4 LANs.
If you want, join this platoon, and help the communauty for more competition on BF4.
I ask your opinion/idea for rules on BF4.

Tournament of the week:

MY SKYPE : vin-sang75

If you want to talk for the esport communauty :

If you are intresting to participate of a staff is here

Actually 55 Teams play on 5vs5 for BF4 PS4 :


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