Oceanic Repping Ladder
Tag: [REP] Fans: 3 Created: 2013-09-18

Platoon Presentation

This a ladder to test the rep speed of some of the best Vehicle repairers in Oceania. The rankings of the people in the Ladder will be decided through a secret grading process completed by ATWhiskey once you have joined the clan.

If you do not agree with your position on the ladder you must post and the wall of the platoon for a regrading which will take place on a private server with you and ATWhiskey.

Join if you think that you are a great repper
1. ATWhiskey
2. iE-ChoppZ_NZ
3. JKSr-BirdMan
4. Anonymous_ACE
6. xRasterfy
7. Natyop
8. CuddlySloth
9. JKS.Altitude
10. MonkeyDsss
11. FarxNZ
12. athluam
13. Sent_is_SPIDEY
14. afluffybox
15. UnsyNZ
16. Fnz-SKILLZ
17. MyLilPanda
18. iM-Mav
19. NovaExcel
20. Peebs
21. Sniff_This_Gun

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