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This is Official Platoon page of ELiTe NaTioN

Founder: thupa124
Founder: ELiTe_xHuSSain
Leader: ELiTe_xTLI7AN-2015

EnN vs KURD 6-3 EnN
EnN vs EAD 3-1 EnN
EnN vs d3 4-2 EnN
EnN vs xSs 1-1 xSs
EnN vs iS 3-1 EnN
EnN vs KoT 1-3 KoT
EnN vs KTF 2-1 EnN
EnN vs sX 3-4 sX
EnN vs AoC 5-2 EnN
EnN vs aN 2-4 aN
EnN vs SaW 3-2 EnN
EnN vs LML 1-0 EnN
EnN vs pN4L 2-2 DRAW

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