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────────隊伍公告 及 介紹────────
我地HK Sparta Warrior隊伍在2014年5月尾成立,簡稱為HKSW。
我們在Playstation 3一早已成立了HKSW


toy_man-No1 ─ HK Sparta Warrior創辦人 是HKSW 情報人員,知道敵方每一個角落位置,計速最快最準確嘅人。但是,在戰隊裹沒有說服力說服隊員。你們會相信我嗎?

Iwidie_Mk2 ─ Mk2支Mic又細聲,又得意!Toy Man好中意跟住Mk2玩 (但經常都玩Ps4T_T)
每個Sparta Warrior隊員需要更改Tag名稱為 HKSW

本隊伍因人數不足 & 某些原因不會進行約戰
RC語音(台灣) ID群 : 906705
注 : RC語音 (提供Andriod版 & PC電腦版)


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────────Team announcement and presentation────────

Our team HK Sparta Warrior was started on 30thMay , nickname was HKSW
We started HKSW on PS3 already
We can support any people , if you need us support , just find us

────────Requirements into the team────────

All people can join our team ,include alien,
we're wellcome for u joining our HKSW

────────Teammate Introductions────────
toy_man-No1 - HKSW creator and he was the HKSW intelligence officers,
he knows where are the enemys , the one fastest and most accurate.But,in our team
he cant convincing to persuade players.Will u turst me?
(I dont know PC can or cant help teammate boost his records)
Cuz PC and PS3 verisons are differents,I hope I will not implicate teammate.

lwidie_Mk2-Mk2's mic sound is so low and cute!ToyMan likes to play with him
(but he always play PS4 T.T)

Any HKSW Teammate needs to change his tag to HKSW

Our team was not enough teammate and some reason cannot teamfight
with other team.

Raidcall(TW) id:906705

Raidcall (Provided Andriod version and PC version)



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If bf3 can run the server by myself and free,I can run once server

translate by twice324

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