Keep Calm & be an Onix
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Platoon Presentation

☆☆Electronic Onix Legue☆☆
☆☆Onix eSports☆☆
☆☆Be a Good Onix ☆☆
☆☆Fun Platoon☆☆

- Be a good Onix and don't be jelly to other members.
- Don't spam or insult other members.

☆☆Maps and modes we play☆☆

☆2v2 - Bazaar☆
☆5v5 - Bazaar☆
☆TDM - Canals☆
☆ESL Maps☆

If enough people want to do this, we will start little 2v2 or 5v5 tournaments!


☆☆☆If you want☆☆☆


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