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Tag: [BF3] Fans: 13 Created: 2014-11-25

Platoon Presentation

We play In-House 12V12s ONLY!

This is a community platoon for competitive players who still play BF3.

Miss playing organized 12V12s against other competitive players?
Whether you play Armor, Air or infantry........

You can play BF3 competitively again with us!

Welcome back to the Battlefield.
A magical place where:

-players actually die when you shoot them-
-Aim Asset wasn't GodMode and the medpack worked-
-you could react after being shot-
-DICE didn't do sexual favours for EA-

In-House 12V12 matches every week, random teams and close games.

Why Should you join?

Because THIS is NOT how you play Battlefield:


4WayWizard/devilish971666-Infantry Representatives
aaron232790- Air Representative



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