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Platoon Presentation

Hi guys we are DΞFIB & KNIFΞ MASTΞRS™ :DD

This platoon is for people who likes to play with knife and defibrillator. If you want to join you need to have BOTH (knife & defibrillator) 10000 kills.

For those who still want to join, but does not meet/have the requirements, may try challenge with one of our admins or founders by way of an 1 versus 1 in knife AND defib, if you can win, you are allowed to join this platoon!

- For any kind of problem ask the admin.
- You can find us into knife and defib only server(s).

1) campercode96
2) camperakron56

Recruting opened

If you want to talk with us you can contact the official founder (campercode96) for our skype ID.

- If you insult other members you will be banned.
- This platoon is created by a fusion between 2 other platoons: knife masters and defib masters.
- If you are a friend of LOUlSVUlTTON you will be banned. Why? Ask leader(s).
- If you are a member of TOTENKOPF (WSS) you are not allowed to join this platoon. Why? Because they are admin abusers, they are not defib and knife masters. For more informations ask admin.

NOTE: We don't accept everyone, because we want a real pro platoon.

All members should wear DKMA tag :D

Enjoy yourselves
See you in battlefield!!!

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