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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to Renegade! rX is a competitive platoon that has again decided to inflict more pain on the BattleField. Thank you for stopping by, we await your aquaintence. There are some steps that want need to be followed if you are interested in joining rX. They are posted below for your reference and learning. We are accepting Clan Battle Challenges at this time. We ask that all communication be kept in a mature and rather civil manner.

Recruitment- Open, Engineer/Techs/Gunners ツ

Requirements for Recruitment- As many of us known with our past experience in competitive gaming. Versatility is key. The ability to change from a Infantry player to a Tanker is not a talent that alot of people have. Special abilities such as Tankers or Pilots are encouraged. However, we need well rounded players also. Stats will be considered by a Recruiting Officer of the clan. Tryouts will also be held at the discretion of the Recruiting Officer of rX.


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