Reapers, Gods of War
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Platoon Presentation

Thanks guys for all the fun times. I wish we can meet again. I love Yall

ratboy240sx is the founder of the Reaper, Gods of War. 2 platoon the Reapers, Gods of War
Gods of war is a clan that has members 13+ age and all ranks. Our Gods of War will respect one another and the rules of all servers we enter... We expect the same from all other people that play in our server.. GoW will play Teams GoW wants players that will wear the GoW Tag and play with us when we are all on just playing. So if you can do that and wanna be part of GoW then apply and lets see what ya got. All GoW members need to report on battlelog and chat and communicate, so we can get to know each other better, and that will help us play better as a clan.
~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~ALL GoW MEMBERS NEED TO HAVE THERE GoW TAGS ON~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~



noob_wmartellis, offical kill15, noob4life_sniper, vissionaryartist,ratboy240sx


Would like ALL RGoW & GoW Attend to work our game AS A TEAM

~~~)(~~~We have a Squad Rush Team GoW ELITE, we are looking for matches.If you would like a Squad rush match get a hold of us and we will work out the details~~~)(~~~

_old clan battle stat_
TMI Spec Ops (2-1)

NEXT MATCH TMI ~vs~ Blunderbuss TBA

TMI=3 MAce=2

TMI = 2 RBR = 3 \ One match all together
TMI= 1 RBR =3 / with RBR Clan

TMI= 5 MAce=1

~~~)(~~~ So we realize that BF3 is getting old and we all have lives outside of battlefield. We ask that you check in and tell us that you are still active.~~~)