TeamWork Squad Tactics
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Welcome to Team Work Squad Tactics - TWST.

This platoon is dedicated to being a friendly gaming clan & that is all we are. Just a social, random group of people who have joined over the years. No commitments, no obligations & no website. Everyone is welcome to join! :)

Their are no requirements to join this clan. TWST tags are recommended, but not compulsory.

See another TWST member playing in the same server you are? Shout out a greeting! And play friendly or tactically with or against each other on the Battlefield!

Our BF3 Server (We have a BF4 Server too, check our BF4 platoon for details):

Don't play Battlefield 3? We have a Battlefield 4 Server and Hardline platoons available too!

Have a great day!

NEWS 19/8/2015: We have a BATTLEFIELD 4 48 slot Server up and running! Please enjoy!

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