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Platoon Presentation


Donation: Write "playername +vote" as a note to receive 2x votemap power! (5$ / month)

Hello, welcome to Freedom's platoon!

Feel free to post/discuss about BF3, the server, everything.

## Rules on server ##

> No gameplay rules
You can steal vehicles, baseattack, set C4 on flags ... everything what the game allows.
But still EA's Terms of Service / Rules of conduct are relevant - the law above the rules stated on the servers:

> Warning, Kick or Ban at insults & vote-abuse.
Respect each other. Don't create bad atmosphere. Just have fun & chill.

You can also use report (!report name reason) if you feel offended. The insulting player will get a tban or ban (xenophobic or repeatedly).

## Commands ##

- !help
- !rules
- /nextmap => The next map; shows also mode
- /v => Time remaining till votemap starts; votemap-options; result of the votemap w/o showing mode
- !votekick playername => Starts a vote against a player; must be confirmed with !yes; needs less !yes votes as !voteban; if voted player rejoins a simple retyping of !votekick name is sufficient to kick the player again (not tested yet)
- !voteban playername "reason" => reason is necessary
- !report playername reason
- !rank / !stats
- !top10
- !ks => Shows your killstreak
- !punish / !p => Teamkiller's punished-amount will be increased, by reaching a specific amount he will be temporarily banned.
- !forgive / !f => Teamkillers counter before ban will be decreased.
- !killme => Suicide
- !map => Current map and mode
- !time => German time UTC +01:00
- !boot => Kicks you out of the game

## Maplist ##

All Conquest Large, all Domination, all Rush, all CTF, Scavenger Markaz, Gunmaster Azadi, Air-Superiority Kiasar, Tank-Superiority Bandar, Squad-Deathmatch Karkand, Team-Deathmatch Death Valley

High population tickets >= 33 players: CQ 1000-1200, Rush 120, SQDM 100, TDM 200, Assault 600-900, CTF 40 min/5 flags.
Low population tickets <= 32 players: CQ 600, Rush 60, SQDM 50, TDM 100, Assault 600, CTF 25 min/4 flags.

No change for AS, TS & SCA.

## Links & Troubleshooting ##

Donation: Write "playername +vote" as a note to receive 2x votemap power! (5$ / month)

Platoon #2
Not listed yet

You can't join into server?
1. Close Origin. Taskmanager close BF3, Origin & Origin Webhelper (just to check if something is stuck)
2. Logout Battlelog
3. Login Battlelog
4. Join, Battlelog asks to open Origin > of course

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