Air LeGenDs #3
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Platoon Presentation

Everybody is welcome . We want to offer you the best game experience possible . Join now and be our friend!

Head Admins Contact them for any problem

Here is our Server we Respect everyone Feel free to enjoy your game on our server .
Air Legends

Here is the Rules That Everyone Must Know :

1~ No Baserape (Except Snipers with sniper Rifle and Jets Helicopter To kill a Bailer)
2~Snipers Can Baserape With Sniper Rifle
3~Jet And Helicopter Can kill a Bailer In main Base Before he Join on Jet or Heli again !
4~No Tower Glitch / No SpeedHack / No Hacking all players is random Checked by Admins and PB
5~No Ramming you Can Avoid it by not Push so Hard
6~Pilot chooses The Gunner Please Respect and give them priority. Bail Vehicles, our server is Fast Spawn so you Take it when he dies !
7~No BaseCamp /If someone Basecamp you are allowed to Baserape him !
8~Dont Steal Jet / Helicopter / AA you will Destroy the Balance of Teams (Admin will Kill you)
9~Please Dont Be Pathetic With Jet and Helicopter if there are not more than 30 players on server if people Leave you will get kicked
10~ No Air Peace ! Go there and fight ! Airpeace Destroys balance .
11~Admins must Respect all players. If any of the Admins Abuse Their Admin Rights on you/any player report him imediatelly .
12~Add us to your Favorite Server List End Enjoy your Stay !!

Admin Abuse is punished by Head admins . Feel free to report if someone is not respecting the admin rights that he was entitled with in a appropiate manner ... We're always trying to balance the Game and to be there to help !
If you came over some hacker report it to admin .His stats will be checked imediatelly and if 99% sure he will get banned .... If we cant be sure we will have close eyes on him until we have our final decision ~
We dont Kill/Kick/Ban for nothing! Try to respect our server rules and u will have a great time with us.
Server Runs Fast Verhicle Spawn for the reason to Give it to Everyone. Noob or not a change to Get any vecihle he want to play .....If you join Helicopter and the pilot ask you to leave for his friend then do it and wait to spawn ,when the heli dies it will be yours fast !
Our Friends Video U can Find some links here and also u got they Channel Like and Subs to support our friends :D
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