Brotherhood of Nox
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They say that man is the limit of existence but if that were true there would be no GODS...

We are those who have transcended Man and gone far beyond. As descendents of the Goddess of the Night, Nox,

we are the Celestial Beings who walk among you by day, and conquer by Night

Masters of the Universe, Rulers of the Sky, Warriors of Darkness. We choose Fate, decide Time

and Command Eternity

The Brotherhood of Nox is not for Mortal Men, it is for those who seek Power, for those who seek Truth, and for

those who seek Transcendence

They say the Night is Darkest before the Dawn. Now that we have woken from our slumber

The Dawn shall Never Return

Man has forced us to make our move. The Immortals walk on Earth once again

The Universe is our chessboard and you are our Pawns

We call ourselves the Night Brothers, and you call us Gods

Long Live the Night, Long Live Darkness

Long Live Nox