Twisted Killers
タグ: [[TK]] ウェブ: 公式ウェブサイト ファン: 16 作成済み: 2012-01-08


TK is looking for fresh blood to fill the ranks and help build the squad up, Intrested ? please visit and sign up. PS3, PC & Xbox 360 users all welcome.

TK is now large enough for clan battles, if you would like to arrange a friendly or competitive match please get in touch with us at and make a post in our forum or contact us direct on our platoon page.

We accept players of all skill levels into our Squad. The skill level varies greatly amongst our players. We have players who are brand new to the game, right through to the hardcore players and everything in between. We do not require a set skill level to enroll in Twisted Killers. However, we require all members of Twisted Killers to demonstrate effort and a willingness to improve their individual skill by working together as a squad.