タグ: [VETZ] ウェブ: 公式ウェブサイト ファン: 21 作成済み: 2012-06-27


Hello everyone welcome to WAR_VETZ

Yes, WAR_VETZ are now recruiting players our process of recruitment is:

You first have to have a try out match with at least one of our 2 leaders to put a VETZ tag on and you will have the VETZ tag on in till our leaders think that you are committed enough to our clan, work well with our clan members and if you play well enough if we think that you are ready to fully join WAR_VETZ we will ask you to make a WAR_VETZ file.


We do not currently have any clan matches or scrims scheduled if any clans are interested in having one talk to one of our leaders


[Clan Rules]
1. Be respectful and most importantly have fun.
2. Play as a team
3. When you are accepted please send friend request to all members we will provide a list.
4. Add members to your friends list and get to know your Platoon. It will help you on the Battlefield.
5.Listen to your leaders ALWAYS.
6.Try to get along with all of the WAR_VETZ members
7. If you have a problem talk to one of the leaders
8. No t-bagging anyone or you will be put on probation and have a chance of getting kicked


our motto is:

teamwork, teamchat, & teamtactics. recon , supply, suppress, & revive


We or proud partners on the battlefield with Blackout there clan tag is (onX and onyX)