The Clan
タグ: [TH3] ファン: 1 作成済み: 2013-08-07


Clan for experienced Battlefield players who have achieved the rank of Colonel SHITBUCKET.

Our PUBLIC server:

Wanna join? Apply and contact a leader.
You can find us on our teamspeak server:
Check out our blog for all the latest updates!

Clan guide:

1. Use whatever as clan tag, or TH3.
2. Be open to other players their playing style and work together as a team.
3. Promotion to leader: When certain criteria are met.
4. Leaders Role:
- Invite other Colonel 100 into the clan.
- Ad-mining server.
5. Racism = instant kick. Respect any and all players, keep it smooth and smart.
6. Cheating: Zero-tolerance for cheating/hacking.
7. Posses the ability to communicate in ENGLISH.
8. Shit in your bucket!