Reapers Infantry Squad
タグ: [RIS] ファン: 58 作成済み: 2012-01-06


Reaper's Infantry Squad

We are an up and coming squad that uses tactics such as communication to achieve winner status in
every match we play. We are also an active group who games everyday, and we are open to new members no matter their ranking or level. We play hard, fight hard, and we hope to see you on the battlefield....

Squad Rules:

1. All members must have RIS tag,. (NO clan Jumping ) Exception to MTU1 members
2. If seen with other clan tag's no questions asked you will be removed.
3. We do not discriminate: We are open to any and all players.
4. Members must promote RIS and recruit players.
5.Members must be willing to lead and take orders via communication. ( Mic is a must )
-Need a mic, though this may be discussed with one of the leaders if you currently don't have one.
6. New members are subject to a probationary period, goes for all new members ( All probationary members have 2 weeks to comply with the rules this is the probationary period)
7. Must be active on Battlelog
8. Must be 18 years or older
9. Members must have fun, stay loose, and above all KICK ASS!
10 Must PTFO
Member Types:

1. RISp is the tags the probationary players will have on for a min of 2 weeks while we judge your playing ability and team work ability. Team work is what makes us very effective on the battlefield so its a key part to being apart of this clan

2. RIS is the tags for general members that have past probation and have proven there loyalty to RIS and are a full member of the clan.

3. RISL, Are tags run by leaders of squads and leaders within RIS. All general RIS should if any problem bring it up with any members with these tags. They will also be in the recruiting process of evaluating plays with RISp.

4.RISF these tags are for the Founders of RIS enough said.

If you have any questions contact , Dayg88
Blawless22 (McNutty) and last def not least.... XxTweaked427xX :)

Allied Platoon: MTU1

If you are Inactive for a period of time you will more then likely be removed. if you are going to be gone for a while for what ever reason please just shoot a message so we don't kick you out.

If interested in setting up clan matches please contact XxTweakedxX / dayg / hotel for further info

For all Members RIS will be having meetings once a week in our server. This will take place on Fridays between 7-8 est leaders are expected to be there, any platoon member please come and share your input its always welcome

Its not the quantity of players but the quality.
that's why we are not big, but come across just one of our squads and see what quality is


Alpha. Call sign Reapers one
1) Dayg

Bravo Call sign Pink tu-tu

Charlie Call sign Ranger 1-2