51 Battalion RAR
タグ: [51BN] ファン: 5 作成済み: 2012-03-03


51 Battalion is a unit specialising in long range and vehicluar warfare with limited assets taking on roles of suppressive fire and fire support (using Light Machine Guns and Mortars) and also roles such as Close Quarters Battle and Assault (using Assault Rifles, Shotguns and other weapons such as the M203 GLA).

Majority of the unit take on roles that employ the use of:
-Infantry Fighting Vehicles,
-Main Battle Tanks,
-Scout, Attack and Transport Helicopters,
-Fast Movers.

To assist ground forces, namely Infantry, with Close Air Support, Transport, and provide Armoured Reinforcement.

Another large role within the unit is Marksman. The role of a Marksman is to deliver highly accurate, descriminate fire to targets. Either as a Designated Marksman for a fire team or from extreme long ranges on their own. They also designate targets for Close Air Support, provide insertion points for friendly forces and relay intelligence and battlefield reports to commanders or other units. Marksmen may also direct units in the field from afar.