Ashley1880 *SSquad*
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Retired BF3 The 1st Legendary Female Recon Player

Stealth Tips: By the Infamous Ashley1880 ;)

Line Of Sight - They cant see you if you cant see them (be aware of your legs)

Movement - Sound of foot steps can be heard, staying still hides you fully even hides you from tech (tanks/jets/choppers motion sensors) you have 2 be fully stop moving 2 avoid it (remember your name on core mode cant hide you if they aim at you!!)

Snipers - to avoid snipers within a 1000m use bipod and have the right camo and blend in your surroundings, hide in buildings and you dont know if your (spotted = your head is lit up!!) so stay put and wait a few min before making your move, farther the shot the bullet will show you the way (look for the gun smoke, no matter the distance they shoot it will always show you if you cant see the target)

Silencers - they might not show you on the mini map your location but it do's not mean they cant hear you. the higher the experienced player can use the silencers bullet drop to there advantage, as a reminder to look up

Bipods - extremely affective, only your gun moves when used right with the right camo so snipers cant see you or Vehicle Motion sensors, if using 1 listen if someone could find you so listen to foot steps/Parachutes/Vehicle Engines/Gun Shots.

Soldier Shouts - if a grenade lands right by you (you dont hear this but your soldier shouts!!) move quick and your life is important so use a "Replacement" to replace you (run passed another soldier to take your place) Enemys seeks kills and offer them a replacement to live longer, call for Health or Ammo in Combat at your own "RISK"
(your solder also shouts when your being shot at 2 much)
you can also aim at your squad/team mate dead (you cant hear yourself but others can hear you (from the radio) calling for a team mate to be revived)

*My Official Stealth Squad :)
*1# Ashley = The Eyes And Ears Of The BattleField
*2# ? =
*3# ? =
*4# ? =

*We wear the same camo (blending in with the crowd)
*Were the Squad that's walking Ghosts of the BattleField

*Infiltrators - We get in places were others cant get through or into.

i always had the Clubs on my Emblems as a signature of me lol X)
(Princess Of Clubs)