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We are a Battlefield Clan. (Originated in BF: Bad Company 2) - We are mainly a social group, like to all play together in our servers & use teamspeak

Clan members should frequently keep in touch using our website & forums. Private clan forum access granted after probation/trial period (Until we get to know you)

Not all members get to actually play in every competitive match, clan captains create a roster depending on availabilities/skills required. - (All done via our Private clan forum)

Will not accept anyone who has been caught previously on any punkbuster game, this includes all aliases .

Will not accept anyone who does not have teamspeak 3 working correctly, all members must use it often enough to keep in touch.

We usually give server admin to experienced members, however we have strict rules on how this is used & procedure to follow.

Reserved Slots only usually given to those who donate to help cover server costs

Current group Ladders:

We also have other invite only teams, such as the CG 4v4.

Official Servers: (Supported & Monitored by FanT Clan)
AU - FanT Scrim #1 (CG 8v8)
AU - FanT Scrim #2 (CG 4v4)

Clan Teamspeak 3 Server:

Make new thread on our site***How-to-apply***-Application-form

post your answers to the following:

1. What is your BF3 name? - Battlelog link

2. Any Previous battlefield clan experience?

3. Is your teamspeak 3 working correctly? Have you connected and spoken with us?

4. Which FanT members do you already know, that are willing to vouch for you? (This will speed things up)

5. Are you looking to play competitively, and willing to practice with us?

5. Which competitive ladder have you applied to join (list of links above in clan info) - None is okay if you wish to just socially play with us & use teamspeak)

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