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DoA is now OBP, due to the history of DoA and the fact that it has been tied to other platoons/clans, movies, video games I have decided to change the name to Objective Based Players. We are only looking for 12 members aside from staff members. We do not need you to have a great k/d but what we do need and what we are looking for is players with above average w/l ratios, low quit% and high objective scores. We will only allow 12 members so we will be very choosy as to who we allow into our platoon and since its all new and starting over we will not slack in making sure we reach our goals, we will not compromise, we will not play without the mind set that we are going to win. We are looking for Objective Based Players!!! If you feel that you meet the criteria then please feel free to apply. All members will wear the OBP tags or they will not be part of this platoon. We can not stop you from being part of another platoon but we hope you respect us enough to be proud to be part of OBP. thank you

Since the changes have been made it is confirmed that the following members are staying and will be active
members in Objective Based Players Platoon.


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