Tag: [R3v0] Fani: 11 Stworzono: 26.10.2011

Prezentacja plutonu

We are a new platoon and forming up to play for fun, but also win!
At the moment we are few, but skilled and teamwork oritented.

Fun and teamwork is balanced equal. We will not shoot you if you decide to lone wolf for fun for a match, as we play for fun (and victory, but those are balanced equal!)

We are players who play as a team, we are the MVP's in most matches when we play and we are open to anyone :D

All of us use microphones or Skype (and simillar) and we are based in Norway, Europe, but anyone can join!

My PSN is Thuan97, but just add me on Battlelog and talk to me. You can also add me on psn with a message saying you want to join :)

We play pretty frequently, and we also play other games like Fifa 12, Need For Speed, WWE and some of us even play Call Of Duty.

At the moment we are few, but we will grow larger!

We are based in NORWAY, so we are mostly norwegian players.

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