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To our brother, past and present -

This is a dedication to our servicemen. A dedication to debt we owe to Warriors lost and to all of our military forces who continue to defend freedom around the world. Men and women who have honorably served throughout our nation's history - who stood and continue to stand fast in the face of a determined enemy and defeat them with unwavering discipline.

Most people do not know our Special Operations Forces community experience. They do not know what these Warriors endure in combat, nor do they understand the selflessness and love of brothers beside them. Men within this community bring the fight to the enemy, engage aggressively and stand their ground.

Born unto a different cloth, these men could have chosen a life of prosperity and chased every opportunity afforded by our great nation. Giving life as they live it, they chose to leave these pursuits behind and devote themselves instead to a higher calling, living with indomitable purpose, by simple truths - Brotherhood. Honor. Sacrifice. Words molded into their character, exemplified by their actions.

It is their final hour we celebrate - our fallen brothers who shine a light on the greatest attributes of dedicated men. with their sacrifice, legends are born and will live as examples to inspire the heroes that will lead our great nation to victory in these years ahead; making our founding fathers proud and acting as a promise to our next generation.

This to our fallen brothers. You will be honored in our community's history as the greatest heroes. As men who shouldered our nation's burdens, you will remain as beacons for our heroic ideals. Taught to be proud and unbending in failure and humble in success. there are no greater examples for which this nation stands for and of which this nation is built from- the ideal of service to country and to others.

To our community and all who wear the uniform - Thank you for your service to the nation.

And, to those in this hour who are in the fight and keep our enemies awake at night.

Warriors are born from loyalty, love of neighbor and country, and a desire to protect and safeguard. their Actions are precise,principled, determined and committed to act selflessly for the benefit of others.

For those men who make every sacrifice to become what they are.

For honor. For country. For brother

- AFO Always Outnumbered, Never Out manned

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