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Welcome to ECHO, a Xbox360 clan. We accept any kind of player old or new, team player or lone wolf. We also specialize in objective team-play and are open to clan wars.

Echo - Our skills shall echo throughout the battlefield.

O-2:Furioustylz(SCS: Sabre)
O-1:God0fThePhoenix(SCS: Shadow), jbelly23(SCS: Sabre)
E-7: Snyp3r4Lif3(SCS:Guardian)
E-5:, AOG conscript,
E4:beastwarassasin, ShadiestBWatts(AOD),deaththekid , xVDevin, vermilion,
E-3: tysmooth, xs2k,omegakillza182
E-2: ,TX_HAWK_XH, Conn110,ThEOcHo88,navy_seal_frost
E-1: dboys989, ivanr113, theghost717, BrandonAWilson, adamdeenabdula, animater360, Squanky31, JiiPedSniiPzZ, Shadowsniper, thirstysummer88, thexc, C4babykakes, 1The_Traveler, FUSIIONZZ123, AfroBear90, HAILRADER, fredo142285077, shishkabob55, kingsofsin23, IIDaNzZeRII, Gblazer4x4, Sonnorge123, raptor68390, bnmmnb1111, sambori25, Frontline112,The-Josecastr, Mundane_Kiwi,
(1) NCOs without positions, not a high regular E-4.
(2) SCS or Squad Call-sign is the callsign of the squad the person is leading.
(3) CS or Call sign for the person

Sabre Squad: The sword. The front-line. The first ones in last ones out.
Squad Leader: Furioustylz (CS: Sabre 1)
- 7039079431 (CS: Sabre 3)
- jbelly23
- AOGconscript

Shadow Squad: The assassins that rely on stealth and reconnaissance to both alert others and execute enemies
Squad Leader: God0fThePhoenix (CS: Phantom)

Guardian Squad: those souls that fly high and reek havoc on those beneath them
Squad Leader: Snyp3r4Lif3
- xVDevin

1. Respect each other, we're a family.
2. Do not hog/camp vehicles.
3. Represent ECHO well.
4. If you are inactive for too long without a reason you will be kicked.
5. If others complain about immaturity you will be punished.
6. If 5 or more players have an issue with you you will be punished.
7. Have fun Hooah.

If any questions comments or complaints please talk to a leader.

Youtube Channel: Battlefield 3 ECHO Platoon

Clan Battles:
[ECHO] V.S. [BURN] 0-3
[ECHO] V.S. [MLI] 4-1
[ECHO] V.S. [xEx] 0-4
[ECHO] V.S. [ILL] 1-4
Norwegian Army
Team Energy

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