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CTG Was founded on 10.11.2009 and had our first games on Battlefield Bad Company 2 few months later. (20.03.2010 To be exact)
CTG was created simply to compete and dominate on and in the Battlefield series
Our main platoon CTG and brother platoon CTGh have Members from Russia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Finland and Holland.
Joining CTG has it's advantages and these are
- Respect
- High Level of Gaming and Activity
- Striving for Victory
CTG and CTGh will be participating on BF4 on the PS3 and PS4 systems on all modes and and all the ladders. With further expansion CTG will be holding it's own ladders and tournaments in the future.
We welcome all new players to the CTG family and with solidalirty and strivation we will achieve the best results possible verse the very best.
Recruitment is currently OPEN
Our requirements are high, these are as follows;
- Infantry players must have a KD of 4, SPM of 1200 and a 2.5 KPM with weapons.
- Only the best Jet pilots : Top 5 Dogfighters on BF3
If you want to join CTG you need to add in PSN Fatality or machete979
Thank you for visiting our page and checking us out! Fan our platoon to keep up with the latest goings and subscribe to our Youtube channels from our members to see our latest clan matches and check out the history of CTG and CTGh.

Тег Клана- (CTG)
Сайт Клана-
Сервер- CTG Clan server
CTG - ТОП №1 КЛАН РОССИИ и один из сильнейших Кланов МИРА.
Цель- СИЛЬНАЯ И ДРУЖНАЯ КОМАНДА, доминирование в играх серии BF,повышение командного уровня игры,комфортная совместная игра,соперничество со всеми, другими Кланами и сообществами.
CTG заинтересован в здоровой,игровой конкуренции и повышении интереса к игре BF3 у игровой общественности.
CTG и Сборная России BF3-
Наша вторая команда CTGh -
Канал YouTube


Спасибо Вам за то,что посетили нашу страницу и ознакомились с информацией о нашей команде. :)

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