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--------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to QD Platoon--------------------------------------------------------

➊ About us

The team Quacking Duck (QD) was formed in November, 2011. We are interested in a serious approach to the game, i.e. the development of gaming skills and participation in CW (clan wars) held on different resources. Starting from January, 2012 the team has started to take an active part in online tournaments held on such portals as and

Leader: LoveSPORT69

We have a private server "[QD] Quacking Duck clan server". It is usually open for everyone, but can be reserved for our needs.

➋ Scrims

Our team plays Squad Rush and Conquest gamemodes. Suitable time for us to play is 1:00 pm EST (5:00 pm GMT) - 3:00 pm EST (7:00 pm GMT), on weekends we can play at earlier time.
If you want to challenge our team you can contact LoveSPORT69.

We play Conquest on mon-wed-fri-sat and Squad Rush on any available day.

➌ Application/ Вступление в команду

If you are interested in joining our team you can apply on our official website, link is

Если вы заинтересованы во вступление в нашу команду свяжитесь с LoveSPORT69

➍ Links

Official clan site:

Application form:

Team thread on portal:

➎ Clan War Activity

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