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General Recruiting Requirements
1. Must Be Above Colonel Star 20
2. Must Have a K/D Above 1.5
3. Must Have An SPM of Above 600
4. Must Be Proficient On The Ground
5. Must Use Communication, Teamwork, and Be Positive While Following Orders.

Steps For Applying:
1: Contact Brutalsentinel(XBL- BrutalVanguard) or Maximos92(XBL-Maximos92) for Squad Rush matches.
2: Contact dwright3103(XBL-DwrightTID) or Avengerldz(XBL-xAVENGERLDZx) to schedule Conquest matches.

For more information please visit: http://burnsquad.enjin.com/

*****We are Inactive due to players moving on. We are no longer recruiting or playing competitively*****

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