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rivaL Media is proud to present a channel to follow our youtube videos, streams, news and much much more...

If you are new to the game you can now learn from some of the best in the Battlefield Series.

Quantic RivaL - PC


Having won every major cash or prize tournament in both EU and NA, Quantic RivaL demonstrated it's dominance on every level as the most accomplished PC Battlefield team in the world. Since leaving the field of competition, RivaL has been participating in everything from game testing to tactical write-ups and podcast appearances. Usually shroud in a veil of secrecy, will RivaL finally begin to allow fans and followers to catch a glimpse of what makes them so effective? Stay tuned for more Quantic RivaL in Battlefield 3!

TWL - BF3 8v8 Launch Tournament Champions - rVg
The Samsung SSD Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Conquest Tournament Champions - rivaL
Newegg - BFBC2 4V4 Wanfest 2010 Champions - rivaL
TWL - BFBC2 Season 1 8v8 Champions - rivaL
Epsilon eSports Invitational BF:BC2 Tournament World Champions - rivaL
XPL - BFBC2 8v8 XPL Champions - rivaL
TWL - BFBC2 8v8 Kickoff Tournament Champions - rivaL
TGL - 2142 6v6 Season 1 Champions - rivaL
TGL - 2142 6v6 Summer League Champions - Blue Collar
CAL - 2142 6v6 Season 1 Champions - HOT-5 ( Cartel and Casio )
TWL - 2142 8v8 Season 1 Champions - SG/rivaL
TWL - 2142 5v5 Season 1 Champions - rivaL






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