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A Couple of Rules and Things to be aware of

Hello everyone, I want to share with you some of the rules that our members must obey and follow.

If you'd like to apply, Email Me:
for a members version

-A few things I would like to point out before I go over the rules:

On your acceptance to the Platoon BFM, you have become an official member of Battlefield4movie on youtube as well, and your name/gamertag will appear on the channel along with your current position and role. Make a point not only to communicate with me, but also with all members of our group, so we get familiar with each-other. In order to make this easier, There is an App on the market places called "WhatsApp". for andriod, Iphone, and many other phones. This will make it easier for me to inform you all on our filming dates. So if you can download the app and send me your Whatsapp user name, you will be added to the group.

My Xbox Live GT Is Wish Flakes, and My PC name is WishFlakes (Same name, just no space on the pc version). Message me before you attempt to add me. simply because i deal with a ton of invites and i cant accept everyone, But i will try my best. That being said, Any questions or concerns about film times or servers we will have running. Just message Me as soon as you can so i can get back to you with that day or the next.

If I take more than a day and still nothing back from me then please Contact Giffo, GT is GiFFoMiSt9 and he will reply back to you. 9/10 that he will message you back within an hour. If you are messaging me about some important and you want to know the answer fast then message us both.

RENT-A-SERVER (Beautiful isn't it?)

Now That Battlefield 4 is here, Servers will not be a problem to rent, nor will it be an issue to film since now we have Spectator mode!!

A couple more things before we go over the general rules of the platoon. Don't worry its nothing anyone cant handle.

-Once we get into a game, with the desired map I want to film on, YOU MUST NOT shoot at objects, blow up walls, floors, buildings, or even scenery like garbage pales or stacks of boxes. The reason why is simple, when we are on set, that means that things like walls that’s can chip or destructible cover will be used during filming, and If they are damaged before a scene, we cannot bring that same object back to re-film. That being said, Everything and anything can be used in the making of this machinima, so running around and killing and gaining points like you normally would, will not exist when our team is present in the game working on setting up scene’s and rehearsing scene’s. It is possible for us to stay in a game for up to 2 hours or more based on your hours of availability.

Here are the Rules
--Respect all members of Group, male or female, Leader or founder. Disrespect a member in any way, verbal or text, you are out.
--During Filming, like I pointed out above, no fooling around (Running across map), blowing up random things, shooting at objects or killing members of the opposite team, or destroying vehicles on purpose.
--Be Mature and Patient. A machinima is not made in 1 day; it can take up to 2 hours a day for 7 days in a month to fully film a 10 minuet episode. The more patient you are and fun you have with participating in filming, the faster it goes (trust me on this).
--After we are done filming for the day, GO NUTS, kill people and have fun like you would in any normal game.
--While in Party Chat, please let the person who is speaking fully finish what they have to say. This applies to everyone including me.
--Since I am Director, I know everyone will love some ideas and sometimes even dislike them. It is completely ok to let me and everyone else know what you think, BUT, you cannot do this for EVERY single scene or angle. Simply because it will be a chain reaction and then everyone will pitch in there 2 cents, making it impossible for me to get everyone quiet. And I’ll have you all know that since this is a Complete team effort, and none of this would be possible without you, I will, before every scene ask what everyone thinks and if everyone is ready.
--You Must Have a Mic plugged in at all times when in party chat or game chat, However if you do not, you must ensure me that you can hear me through your TV at all times. Failure to do this will result in serious delays in film time.
--If you not in a scene and we are about to film/record, you must not make any unnecessary movements, DO NOT Spot the enemy under any circumstances unless I instruct you too. Why? Because if you spot someone, they will appear with a read triangle over their head, making it impossible for me to record. Do not reload, sprint, drop ammo/health, or anything. If I or a manager instructs you to move to somewhere you must.
--Just because you are a manager does not mean you are better than anyone or have more power, you must still respect everyone. This rule, plus all rules also apply to me as well.
--IF we are in a game filming, and you must leave for any reason, you MUST let me know when you’re coming back. If we are in the middle of filming and for some reason you have to leave, please let me know immediate as best you can.
--We will rehearse scenes before they are filmed to ensure accuracy and that everyone knows what they are doing. There is no time limit on this, but the more we rehearse, the better. And if there is anything we cannot overcome, I will let everyone know if the scene is canceled.
--WHEN we are filming/Recording, I will be talking to everyone the entire time, whether it is telling someone to sprint, slowdown walking pace, speed up, shoot, or anything. It is my job as a director, and something I love to do as well, so please no talking while I’m directing, unless I’m talking directly to you.
--Last rule, upon entering a game, DO NOT SPAWN IN ANY VEHICLES, this includes Jets, helicopter’s, Amtrak, Tanks, Jeeps, or boats. You will be instructed on where to spawn in the party.

Ok so I know you read a lot, and your eyes might even hurt, but I want to thank you for taking the time to read this information as I worked very hard on it, and made it as easy as possible for you to understand. As well I do not want you to think I am a mean person, cause I am not at all, I just want everyone to be able to understand that this takes a lot of cooperation to so scenes and make episodes.

Last thing before you’re done, if I am not on XBL, I’m usually doing something important like Going to the gym, working, studying, or on my Computer working on our platoon. so Lets try and film once a week.

As for the Rules, there may have been some things I haven’t touched base with, if there is any changes I will let you know directly.

Thank you for taking you time to read the Platoon Presentation.

Any Questions? Write em ↓↓Below↓↓

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