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This is a branch of --=MAFIA=-- dedicated to players located in Europe.

Founding Father of --=MAFIA=--: IMMoRTAL_Ak47
Founder of --=MAFIA=-- EUROPE Division: ChalkinItUpT
-mikeleigh1985 (Owner of Euro Private Server)
MUST contact MOB-JOSH0198 if interested in joining this platoon and he'll give you the details you need

-This branchwas created to unite all of the [MOB]sters that are located in Europe. Clan battles will be organized in this platoon relevant to Europe's time zone so that way every --=MAFIA=-- member can have the opportunity to participate in Clan Battles.

---------------------L0yalty T0 THE [MOB] iS KeY-----------------
------------------NO MULTI_CLANNING allowed-----------------

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx----RECRUITMENT IS NOW OPEN-----xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-Those interested in joining this platoon must first apply to the --=MAFIA=-- main platoon Battlelog, and then you can apply to this platoon.
-The requirements to join this platoon are as follows:
1.6+ KDR (within reason)
500 SPM
Communication skills
Leadership qualities
Ability to work tactically with others.
Your tag must be [MOB]

Apply to the main platoon here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241164703766/ (REMEMBER YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED INTO THIS PLATOON UNTIL YOU ARE A CERTIFIED --=MAFIA=-- MEMBER)

--If these requirements are too high for you then please apply to the --=MAFIA=-- Academy, where we will test your skills and raise your stats so you can become a full time [MOB]ster. Apply to the Academy here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391571673047/

-If you are interested in becoming a leader of our Euro Division then please contact ChalkinItUpT.
Roles of a leader:
-Set up Clan Matches
-Keep Euro Members up to date, and answer any questions they may have.
-Recruit players to --=MAFIA=--

Any Questions? Contact ChalkinItUpT for more Info

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