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Welcome to the Hardcore division of Mercenaries Britain :)
Get on the battlefield and pwn some noobs - Hardcore style !

Try and follow these guidlines about
Playing Your Class Off

Assault :
- Equip smoke to cover your revive attempts, which should be at all costs, sometimes sacrificing yourself might allow that Engineer to get one more rocket into the tank
- Travel with a pack, this puts you into position to revive large amounts of team mates, which saves tickets and allows your team to push on
- Attack and defend key objectives, if C Flag keeps getting taken, then hang around for a second in a low key spot to see where the enemy is coming from, maybe a sniper has a beacon close by

- LMG's aren't sniper rifles, the new suppresion effect can do wonders if you have team mates engaging as well
- Throw ammo crates on popular routes, keep an eye on your mini map too, this will tell you who needs ammo.
- Plan your C4 attempts carefully, stay out of scan range until the gunners are looking the opposite way, then make a break for it. This will require sacrfice on most cases
- Mortars are still effective if your team has all of the objectives, be smart on where you set up, and having a team mate use a MAV with your Mortar can be devistating

- Hit vehicles from the rear if possible, this will let you make the most out of each round until you get resupplied
- After a disabling hit, wait for dismounts, most times you can eliminate the enemy, repair, and take control of your new tank
- Place landmines in the most traveled routes, look for dark areas, debris, or craters to make it less noticable to enemy drivers
- Out of rockets? repair torch can disable a vehicle pretty quickly, just keep an eye on your mini map, most drivers will bail to kill you thinking your planting c4, take advantage of this and jump in their vehicle
- friendly vehicle drivers will most always stop to let you repair them, jump in the turrent afterwards, i'm sure they wouldn't mind the extra eye and the fact that a repair is a dismount away

- be aggressive, try your favorite rifle with iron sights or holo sight, not saying be in the front of the pack, but don't put yourself on a hill 200m from the objective
- place your tugs in spots to cover your back or flanks, if your team if focusing their attention to a certain area, chances are the enemy will attempt to come from the side or rear
- put a beacon down for your squad, put it somewhere so its not easily found, but close enough so your squad can quickly get back into the action
- soflams are the most effective equipment you have, this requires less killing and requires you to be on a far hill. but the effects are awesome with the right team mates
- hilltop sniping can be effective, but this is a "right time, right place" scenario. if your team only has one objective, then you might want to swap classes and help out, if your team has all but one objective, this can distract and make the enemy rethink their avenues of approach to the next objective, or possibly send them on a sniper-killing spree when the attempt to find and kill you, which is helpful to your objectives
- SPOT EVERYTHING BEFORE SHOOTING, this gives your points, plus lets your team know the threat in case you miss or cannot engage

- your a huge target, keep moving and utilize whatever cover you can
- check your mini map, chances are, someone will spot the enemy tank moving to an objective, from their choose your approach wisely so you can get 1 or 2 hits off before they can react
- crumble any building that is being used alot by the enemy, this will put the out in the open and allow your team to clean up
- if you bail, put c4 or landmines down to counter the enemies attempt to recover the vehicle for themselves

- if you spend most your time chasing another jet, rethink your choice to fly
- experienced pilots need to eliminate air threats, then quickly move to taking out ground threats for your team, guided missles and rockets work wonders
- if you know your about to get shot down, bail out over an enemy objective and attempt to take it, once you hit the ground you need to play your class

- don't worry about jets, take out enemy helo then focus on ground targets, this will keep you low enough that jets will just be annoying, but not very effective
- communicating with your gunner can prove to be very effective, something as simple as letting him know which way your turning can allow him to have his cannon pointed with your turn and lets him engage a threat that much faster
- playing as engineer will help you land your damaged chopper and repair it, make sure your putting it down away from enemy players, all of them would love to take your helo from you
- transport helos need to focus on dropping team mates over enemy flags, sometimes you can even get away with hovering over a flag and taking it, but just be wary from rockets and tanks, a loaded chopper getting shot down means alot of dead team mates, and less tickets your team has now


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