[F8L] 4 LIFE™
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[F8L] : 4 LIFE: XBOX 360

My Name is JAMES GIEO. This is a competitive clan/platoon, Me & my friend NEMESIS are the founders of this platoon we will listen to all member requests and make it enjoyable for all. A K/D of 1.20 and above would make you eligible to join. However at the end of the day we all have to learn to become better and better and platoon or clans are a great way for all of us to make this happen. All I ask is that you respect me and each and every other member in this Platoon/Clan and follow some basic rules listed below.


-Members MUST use clan tag [F8L] wear it with PRIDE!

-Microphone if possible for better communication in game.

-Add Members and friends from XBOX LIVE.

-Aim to play your class the right way! And win along the side with good team work.

-Show respect to all members/players.

-Have the goal of getting better, ask us for help and tips/tricks and we will all gladly help you.

- Enjoy

Any questions please send me a message, or add me on XBL at xXxGIEOxXx

All new members remember to add your name to the F8L leaderboard page: http://bf3stats.com/leaderboard/f8lforlife

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