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We are recruiting if you think you have what it takes to be part of our team please apply and drop us a line on xbl Xtreme Habbitz , Xtreme I Hazard.

~*~We are looking for~*~

*Ground Troops

We have our own server search [xG] Xtreme in the server menu


*2+ K/D
*700+ SPM
*A mic is a must.
* Don't apply if you have a silly nemesis streak.
*Treat all members with respect.
*Must wear the xG clan tag at all times.
*Must join our Official website with same XBL id.
*Attend practice sessions Thursdays nights 8/9pm GMT
*Become xG_Username @ http://www.origin.com/change-id
*If you wish to join us at xG please change your clan tag too [xGr] join our server and show us what you got. You will be invited by a leader once you have proven yourself a good team player.
*Please do not change your gamertag to xtreme until you have been asked/invited too our comp platoon.

Please add as many members as you can on live so you can always get some games in with the team. http://g.bf3stats.com/360/LaFMTVe0/fee5adfc-0db8-4d1f-8fcf-93147092f945.png

See you on the battlefield

Alliance/Training partners
Jaypex eSports http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241097274891/

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