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I am Griffen Spade, battlelord of the post apocalyptic future. Your destiny is to fight your way across the radioactive wasteland that was once known as America. In order to find the women you love.
You can still remember how it all started. The precursor to the Apocalypse was a lethal virus, that appeared from nowhere. Known as the X2 virus, it was selective, choosing only females as it's host.
In the early stages of the outbreak, the virus was presumed to be an influenza-type organism, so there was no reason to set up quarantine zones. Because the microbreak was not contained in those first crucial days, the X2 Virus developed into an unstoppable tidal wave of destruction. The worlds population of women reduced to a tiny fraction of it's formal numbers.
The second phase of the Apocalypse was anarchy, caused by panic among the men who dominated governments worldwide. Focusing their attention on saving the remaining women, governments rounded up all survivors by force if necessary and relocated them to secure quarantine facilities in secret locations. This policy was implemented virtually worldwide. Discontentment and rioting soon followed. The barriers of civilization and anarchy toppled as groups of men banded together to form pseudo-militias and the world became a factionalized collection of small nation-states virtually overnight.
The third and final phase of the Apocalypse was global war. The remnants of the world's government opted for what was in their short-term best interest. With this twisted logic, the country that could secure the most women would be in the best position to control it's population. Countries with large military forces immediately attacked neighbors in hopes of capturing and containing their surviving females. Although there is no known records about who fired the first nuclear shot, in the end it didn't matter.
The world as you knew it is gone, devoured in the purifying fire of nuclear cataclysm. The fallout caused catastrophic famine and ecological damage across the entire planet. Over half the sprawling cites that once consumed the land with their brilliance and innovation are now only rubble. However the X2 virus is no longer a threat - the few women who have survived the decimation are all immune, and infinitely precious to the few surviving men who populate a desolate earth.

Virus break out: January 3rd 2001
Martial Law: March 23rd 2001
Civil War: April 19th 2001
End of Civilization: May 6th 2001


Current allies with Rogue Shadows

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