The PsYcHoS Tribute
Tag: [tPs] Fani: 18 Stworzono: 07.12.2012

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This platoon is a tribute to [tPs] The PsYcHoS
We had a great run and actually won a championship!

Some may wear the tags but they dont represent us.This is not an active platoon so please dont send a request to join. I love you all, even Warrior and Zero

PS: David is the biggest fag

At least im not a jew

Im not jewish either negga

nikka uz a jew

David still likes the Big Mayate(black) pepino(dick)

Killa </3

Mootsiy is the quitest one during clan battles O.o!!
Thats some bullshit! He is a rager!

I caught killa hoping the border on kharg, so i shot him.

Warrior probes himself with his Lacrosse stick.

David gunner is white.
Still is very white.

# Sincerely from the kid, who still can't believe it's not butter!

I heard rapist artificially colors his hair

I heard Zero has like shit ton of Psycho accs

I heard rapist once collapsed in his bed cuz it was too small

I heard warrior is the Gayyest guy evar
(except for the fact that he's a jew)

^Besides the fact that his dong is the size of killa's dog

I heard warrior is a pancake.


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