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"Honor to the vanquished."

Competitive Battlefield. Conquest Only.
Communication and cohesiveness are key.
Absolutely ZERO complaints on how a teammate or scrim opponent plays, if it's in the game, use it.



Grizz - Infantry/Armor (Raging master/Trollolol; Really hates blueberries)

Fictional - Infantry/Wanna Be Pilot (Plays whenever he feels like it cause he's Canadian)

Kitty Cat - Infantry/Armor Gunner (Grandpa vH/Trollolol; Also hates blueberries)

Seeker - Armor/Infantry (Resident ABJAC)

Barcode - Armor/Infantry (Inactive because he's too busy getting scanned)

Silent - Infantry/Back-up Armor (Rages more than Grizzly; Thinks everyone is a nuurd)

Hatter - Armor Gunner/Infantry (He misses Alice and wishes she'd stayed in Wunderland)

Bubbl3 - Infantry/Air (To remain unpopped at all times)

Nos - Infantry (Love his southern twang or GTFO)

LaughingFace - Infantry (The one you definitely want on your zombie apocalypse team)


In the Works:

3rd Place - Infantry Only Conquest, 2013 Spring Season
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