5v5 European Cup
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5v5 Infantry Tournament (XBOX).

Start playing your games!!!

Bracket >>> http://binarybeast.com/xBF31302200

Elimination bracket.


2 Maps per game.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>NO RINGERS<<<<<<<<<<
Play both sides. US & RU

Maps: Operation Metro, Grand Bazaar,Damavand Peak, Seine Crossing and Tehran

Standard CORE rules but there are some
Restrictions: (No m320/No MAV/No Spawnbeacon/No Tugs/claymore)
Kill cam with be (OFF)
Friendly Fire will be (ON)
3D spotting will be (OFF) to stop evil controller whores.

Only allowed smoke!

Server: If both teams want to play on their own server its 50/50 so 1 round on your server and other round on the opponents server.

Limited to 32 teams.
1)FsD A Team- Duffmaanx
2)MythiX- mXBIOs
3)AreS- AreS_Selene
4)Victrix Mortalis- M16andPregananttt
6)Syndicate A team-SYN_Panda
7)Synaptic eSport -SyN_Ecosse
8)InFamouS MerGueZ-InFamouS_Tioc4m
9)Legion of Glory-LoG_Bimbey
10) Primo Victoria Poland-PVP_Psycho
13)RaZorz -AceGhostWarrior
14)styX eSport-styX_PERILS
16) Hawk.Even-vincent761
17)FsD B Team- Duffmaanx
19)DeiMos -MrEduREUS
20)Semper Ustav-xXLucasZeroXx
21) Team WuTg-Naver PL.
22)BlackBird Squad-BlackBird_Hirea
25)Shadow Company Brawlers-olmons
26)Tactical Narcotics Team - kamikazecroco
27)Team Syndicate™ B >SYN Panda
28)Team EnerGia-PsYcHo-Is-Dead
29)Elite Group of Finland -ZeiZeiii
30)Retribution™ Order -DangerDeal
31)Xtreme Gaming-xG_HABBITZ
32)Lacrosste E-Sports>Lc_iLLuZion

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