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EVIL platoon is made up of people who want to get points by actually playing the objective 100%. We consist of some of the overall best players in Battlefield history, but it doesn't mean that we're here just to bother people. The objective of this platoon is to get the most points possible in the least amount of time. This is the re-created version of the original ‘EVIL’ clan. There are few requirements to join, but that doesn't mean you can just join for fun. Here are some quick rules and regulations:
When first joining….
- Player must be here for points and fun; not for the faint of heart
- You MUST first speak to a leader or Carlos before joining
- (Optional) changing gamertag to end with Evil1 (Example) Example Evil1
When playing in a Multiplayer game…
- 100 star weapons are not preferred
- Scopes on a sniper less than 7x are not preferred
- Using a secondary weapon, i.e. (C4, Knife, RPG/SMAW, Repair Tool) is not preferred
When fighting in a clan battle…
- Respect other clan members and their way of fighting
- Follow the standard rules in normal Multiplayer games (Unless you are told differently by a leader)
- Do not get involved in the other clans actions unless told to (No starting problems!)
When problems occur…
If anything troubles you or makes you feel uncomfortable, please tell a leader or Carlos before making any major decisions. We are privileged to have you in EVIL and wouldn’t like to see you leave.
(If you break major rules or cause excessive problems, you will most likely be punished or requested to leave this platoon. Think before you speak)
Thank you for visiting EVIL platoon on Battlelog, we are glad that you are curious to join, or have already signed up.
- Visit Twitter.com and make yourself an Evil1 Twitter account to keep up with EVIL and the other members while away from Xbox.
☑ I have read and considered the rules listed above…
Welcome to EVIL platoon! You will most likely be greeted by Carlos
☒ I am still considering the rules or do not agree with them
This clan is most likely not for you, please reconsider or find more info on this platoon from a current EVIL member. Thank you for your time.

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