United Warlords
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"Looking to unite warlords"

Welcome to United Warlords!

Tag = WAR
Suffix = WAR(x) Divisions of suffix letters; Infantry (i), Cavalry (c), Air (a), Navy (n), Special OPS (s)

We are an ALLAINACE and NOT a core “platoon”/”clan”.
Founders of this alliance are: IXI_Dojousouljah and TASTELE33.

The sole purpose and intention of this alliance is to unify different platoons and clans under one flag during competitive gaming. We will play multiple titles (already established on each game) and platforms. We are looking to unite and gather talented and dedicated players/clans that want to do battle and that perhaps don’t have the amount of players, time, dedication or collective interest to go competitive.

Members will belong to any clan that has selected and voted to join this alliance. During Practice and during competitive gatherings we will wear the alliance tag WAR. We use the original tags from our core platoons when not in a scrim.

We wanted to unify competitive players that wants to do joint battle with like-minded. There will not be any application to this platoon. It will be by invites only and all invites will be sent out from the respective clans that are members. Clans that join will hold two leadership seats (founder and leader) and they will select players from their ranks. The alliance will be governed and administered by IXI and T.E.AM, which hold 3 equal leadership seats each. Leaders are only allowed and expected to accept players from their own clan/platoon and recruit from their own clans too. Also this will make sure that if a clan is not up to the fight or select to leave the alliance they still have their home base platoon and clan to return too. All major decisions about new clans, strategies and tactics will be decided only once all member clan leaders have voted on it.

Initially we are going to focus all strength and training towards Battlefield 4. We will be starting on PS3 12vs12 to get a feel for the game dynamics, maps, and design layout and then later we will do the natural transition into PS4 32vs32. So we will have our ranks filled up for 32vs32 from start since we all will be on three platforms, PS3, PS4 and PC.

Today the alliance is already playing under one joint flag and on various game titles, such as DUST514, EVE, GTA5, FarCry2, BFBC2 e.g, Now we are preparing for Battlefield 4.

We are currently 6 clans under this United Warlord Alliance.

This presentation will be updated continuously so please stay tuned.

Thank you!

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