Knights of Rebellion
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KoR is a clan that is founded on the most basic of principles.

1. We respect both clan members and regular gamers.
2. Play the objective
3. Effective communication and execution is the foundation to team work and the win
4. Team work is essential as a base for the clan

What separates us from other clans is that we do not care about stats. As long as players bring their 100% and do what is required effectively, they are in.

Our Clan is divided up into different fire teams with leadership positions. Those Fire Team Leaders organize training sessions based on what their fire team needs. They will also organize inter clan tournements such as rush and conquest.

We do not have an elitist mentality and are pretty low key. We are here to have fun and play the game as it is supposed to be played.

What we do have is a two stage recruiting system.

1.When a player first applies, they are thrown into boot camp where the fire teams look at them and see if they have what it takes to be in KoR.

2. The second stage is when the recruit has what it takes and they are drafted into the Fire Team's recruit section. They are allowed to put their tags on at this stage. At this stage, the player is tested on if they can fulfill what is required of the Fire Team.

Rat Bastards 3/21/13 - 1-0 - Won through forfeit
SiR 4/11/13 - 3-0 -Won
RaD 4/14/13 - 0-3 - Lost
MA2 4/27/13 - 4-0 - Won


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