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Platoon of Family, Friends & Hot Chicks - like iJigg ;)


To become a respected member of “The Yellow Birds” you have to challenge 10 different tasks that will require all your skill and talent.

1. Win a 2 vs 1 gunfight against bigdaddylev & widscher

2. do a doublebackflip with the attack helicopter

3. shoot down TheCodeRed1 & Amuze twice in a 2 vs 1 Jet dogfight within 20seconds

4. get interviewed in swedish by ijigg and translate it into bavarian for stevinger

5. have *le sexy time with ijigg

6. pay a monthly fee to Jack_der_Bauer

7. u should not have a brother whose name starts with C or D

8. u must win an arm wrestling competition against SgtBroke

9. u must have more overall accuracy than dns-kbn

10. if you are a girl (good looking) none of these tasks will be needed except task #5 plus LongDong1

If you have fullfilled all of these tasks you will get the golden key to our Teamspeak server and you will become a member of the BIRDS.

XTRA: give BJ a BJ



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