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in order to join the BLOODSEEKERS you must follow these rules

1. u must be able to watch THE TITANIC and not cry when leo dies

2. U must t-bag "Loki" every time you kill him

3. Send hate mail to "shiny gold nuts" accusing him of hacking

3. Achieve an ace squad ribbon with "I M NUTS, yesimnuts, hedo" or whatever the fuck he's calling himself this week

4. Mod at least 1 assignment with "erroneouswhale"

5. Get blasted in the face by "firefighter" with a Shotty

6. Play at least one round of ziba tower with "concept zero" while he bitches the whole round about how much he hate's ziba tower while he racks up 105 kills and only 3 deaths

7. Acknowledge that commander quim and whack talk funny

8. Understand that poookers has insecurities and doesn't like it when he comes in 2nd,3rd, 4th or worse. But except him in our embrace anyways.

9. You are not allowed to nemesis roach

10. Watch "smokem big E" not camp, he's just waiting for enemy soilders to walk by

11. Have "finalverdict" steal 4 or your kills

...... More to come


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