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We Need help keeping the servers and website up and running, Thank you in advance for your support of the 22nd and helping create a Battlefield family for yourself and future recruits!!!

Here are some tactics that we need to practice as a team!!

Alpha - Hold alpha, Have 2 machine gunners,setup so you are covering an V or X pattern, setup TUGs
Bravo - Hold bravo, have 2 machine gunners, setup so you are covering an V or X pattern, setup TUGs
Alpha/Bravo - Do not blow your wad early. Meaning, allow the opposing team to come into the kill zone and bunch up. Maybe have some C4 out in the open or at choke points or high traffic areas. Claymores are okay, but tend to only get 1 guy. Also, when C4 goes off near you, your aim is screwed for a little bit, which makes it very hard to mount an attack if you're the enemy.
Hell put some C4 on a jeep and park it in the open.

Charlie act as support (air or ground or recon)
Delta - Hardcore aggressors who can push well. Float between Alpha/Charlie

For these first few matches, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Meaning, work on holding 1 objective and how to communicate. Once you perfected 1 objective, move to holding 2, Once 2 are perfected, work on pushing the 3rd and still preventing loss of the other 2.

Once you are able to completely dominate and hold 2-3 objectives, work on how to use land vehicles. This means the driver must be talking with a ground squad to help them push or distract other armor.

Once this is perfected, work on coordinating air.
If our guys can dominate the air, start working on having pilots focusing on 1 objective only, which equals...bombing the fucking hell out of it seconds before Delta squad and/or others squads push.

It sounds like to me the basics are where all effort needs to be for now. Learning everyone voice and keep it very simple for now.

Most of you are some bad mofo in playing this game and are very capable of owning a map/round on your own; however, clan matches are likely to have poorer outcomes with this style of gameplay. O fcourse there are times when this is needed.

3 Platoons looking for active daily players!!! These Platoons were created for all gamers casual and hardcore players. Only requirements are that you have fun playing the game that you love!! New player come on we'll teach you!! we have our own server and website with more coming online in the next month. 

22nd MEU http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391463774828/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] 
22nd Scouts http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391741504327/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] 
1st Batt 8th Marines http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391614995952/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] 
Website http://22ndmeusoc.enjin.com/home [22ndmeusoc.enjin.com] 
Server 22nd MEU(SOC)

Clan Battles

22nd -VS- BS 1-2 Loss

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