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Welcome To The Headquarters to set up Squad Rush Scrimages

Rules and Guidelines

All games played between two platoons must be set up by one person from each platoons no outside management.

All games are played best of 7 unless different arrangement is discussed between platoon founders/leaders before game.

After games are won report to me on outcome and I
will set up a leaderboard system probably on my
platoons webpage for you guys to see who has the
best platoon in this community or what there statistics are.

If there is a dispute between two platoons I will
invite both founders from each platoon to private
party and come to an arrangement. If no
arrangement can be reached the disputing platoon
gets mark against them and game is voided.
Platoons with three marks against them are kicked
from community.

Only one member is allowed in community. This
way it keeps it simple for other platoon founders to
find and set up games against rivals.

No outside gaming allowed! All platoons gaming
against each other must use there members and be
wearing the same tag. Unless arranged beforehand
with other platoon. If found otherwise game is
voided and platoon who violated the rule gets a
mark against them.

Lets get some games going and have fun.

Remember three marks and your platoon is perma
banned from community.

If you have any comments on rules or have another
idea please feel free to contact me about them. Im
very open to discussion to hep us grow.

Thank You Guys and Gals.


Contact (MaDxStormSoul) http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241066370177/

THE 142nd 1st PLATOON
Contact (KTROY476)

Contact (AustenF)


Contact (SillyFunseeker)

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