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Prezentacja plutonu

This clan was made because i was a little bit discouraged of some of the past clans Ive personally been in for reasons of: abusing the position of a leader, bad leadership in general, The clan thinks of winning before anythings else or otherwise is just too serious about the game. this clan is meant for fun and enjoyment.. anyone who wants a serious challenge or wants to join a serious clan feel free to apply to Elite(No Promises) But overall what i am trying to say is join our server and have fun, don't be discouraged by assholes.

Just a few quick rules...

1. the clan is for fun so if your immature or just otherwise annoying please do not apply.

2. Stats don't define your skill....what to me shows skill is how well u do against skill.. if u can get a 10K/D awesome but i would love to see someone do that against a truly skilled player... so if u think that ur better than someone because of stats leave now.

3. any concerns, suggestions or anything u wanna mention feel free to talk to Dwixxzy or Duende_cholo at any time were open to new ideas.

E1 Clan (being refreshed soon)

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