FaDeD Elite Gaming
Tag: [FaDe] Fani: 21 Stworzono: 27.03.2012

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FaDeD Elite Gaming is an upcoming CQ and Sq Rush clan based on teamwork, skills, and friendship with the ideals of a family. We are the reconstruction of the clan known as RACE who was 14-1 on Fragged Nation. Our founding members are FaDeD_AciD, FaDeD_COCA1NE (Villain74), FaDeD_Shr00ms, FaDeD_H3RO1N, and FaDeD_lHasHl. Our second branch off clan for fans and gamers is FaDeD Community Gaming [FaDc].

For scrims or other arrangements contact any of our leaders.

For Community Gaming contact FaDeD_M0lly, eXpectKorea

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