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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL IMBA LEGIONS PAGE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Requirements To Join This Platoon:

⇨SPM : 450
⇨KDR : 1.4
⇨AGE : 15+


[ When Joining IMBA Legions You Have To Follow Our Three Simple Rules ]

⇨Add IMBA Into Your Clan Tag. Go to Profile/Edit Profile.
⇨Try To Be Active As Much As You Can & Play With The Platoon.
⇨Become a fan

[ You Will Be Kicked Out Of This Platoon If ]

⇨You Are Disrespectful To Any Of Our Members Or The Platoon In General.
⇨You Go Inactive With The Platoon And Dont Let Any Of The Leaders Know Before You Go Inactive.
⇨If you are not wearing are tags (IMBA)

What Does It Mean To Be Apart Of IMBA Legions?

When You're A Part Of Us You're Part Of A Group Who Believes In Teamwork, Loyalty, Respect & Being
United On The Battlefield As A Force To Be Reckoned With. The Term IMBA Legions Stands For
Being Overpowered And Thrown Out Of Equilibrium, This Is The Message That We Fight With And Stand For.

Who Are IMBA Legions?

We Are A Big Group Of Brothers Who Want To Make A Strong Stand In The Battlefield Community, We
Always Play To Win, We Learn From Our Loses, And In The End Of The Day We Always Have Much
Respect For Everyone, Enemies Or Allies.

How Did We Start?

The Platoon Originally Started With Two People ( xXB0N3Z ) And ( Loki823 )
We Decided That It Was A Great Opportunity To Make Something Big With
This Game, And Now Behold The International ( IMBA Legions ) Group.

What Are Our Goals?

Since The Start We Always Wanted To Make A Place Where Different People From Around The World Can
Gather, Meet With Each Other, Enjoy The Game For What It Is As A Team, And Have A Strong Positive Impact
On The Gaming Community As A Respected Group.

This clan is about combining two clans together making us one!Making us bigger and better then we were!!

Platoon Battle Record 4-0

vs 81st ~~~~~~~~~ Win
vs Bad Azz Dudez ~ Win
vs Misfit 1 Actual ~ ~Win
vs AO4 ~~~~~~~~~ Win

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Scrims in the Works~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

12v12 vs "The Legacy"
Saturday, May 19th at 10PM EST
Best of 3, Normal tickets, Metro/Bazaar/Seine
---Ready to Fight: Loki823, xXBonEz, xVanze, IconicRavish, d3aths33ker

8v8 vs "Fracture"
Sunday, May 20th at 8PM EST
Best of 3, Normal tickets, Metro/Bazaar/Seine
---Ready to fight: Loki823, xXBonEz, bababrandino22, xVanze, IconicRavish, Blargeddy, 0Pedobear0, d3aths33ker, LostFriend101

^Still need volunteers for these platoon matches

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